When will doctors advocate for medical cannabis patients getting "special help" to pay for meds?

"Social security gives "special help" to low income recipients who need help to be able to afford their meds. Currently I pay very little for all my meds, including opiates I don’t want to take. But medical cannabis helps best but is too expensive to purchase. I feel my government doesn’t care at all.

That is an excellent point. Right now the first thing that physicians need to do is become familiar with cannabis through education. The vast majority of doctors do not know the first thing about cannabis and the various medical conditions that it can help. The next step would be to expand the medical conditions that it is acceptable to recommend it for in states that already have laws permitting it. The to expand the same parameters to states that don’t allow it at all yet.
The best chance for financial "help" for people who can’t afford it is to contact your local politician who can help make that included in any legislation. They want to hear from the patients directly who are affected by the cost.

Perry Solomon, MD

Being that I’m in this same position,kinda I’m still fighting for my s.s.i. so no income other than cans and bottles, i’ll need to put together money just to get the card to start with, so can you tell me what all I need and how much it will cost just to get me started with card? Then it will take more time to save more to actually by something to help. what is the average cost of buying something?


Yes, I hear you’re frustration. However, for the goernment to even consider subsidy of patients in situations like yours, it has to be removed from the antiquated Schedule 1 (illegal status on the same level as cocaine, heroin) status it is on the federal level! There are MANY doctors as well as health care workers, lawyers, etc working on this right now. If you want to join the fight to help in medical legalization (then, hopefully government subsidization as you are mentioning in the far future), look into joining the folks at NORML.org and other like-minded organizations. To say that the "entire government doesn’t care" is unfair though to those individuals working towards medical legalization in the 13 states (and counting) where you can obtain med. cann legally; there’s just alot of work to be done


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