When will the Firefly 2 units be back in stock and shipping?

"I ordered a black unit on June 11 and the order page was indicating "order now for delivery in June". I called last week and was told all orders were on track to ship in June. The website only updated to "order now for delivery in July" just two days ago. In other words, they were accepting orders earlier this week for delivery in June which is a little suspect given I ordered on June 11 and still not recieved. Does anyone from Firefly responding to these questions have any clarity on when units will start shipping again?"

Well, it’s still June….If you confirmed with Firefly that your order was on-track to ship in June, I would assume that your order will fulfilled in that time frame. It is very possible that due to popularity, Firefly is slightly overwhelmed with orders and processing may take an extra day or two. You also have to take into consideration transit times for the shipping of your package.


We have another big shipment arriving at our warehouse very soon. Customer service has the latest update and you should be receiving an email about your order within the next couple days. Thanks for your patience. We truly appreciate it!


Its so tempting to be impatient. I too ordered in June, only to wait a little longer. But I remember that Firefly is a small innovative company and it seems they’re overwhelmed with success. I wrote them and they got back to me within a couple days, so I can wait a little longer for my Firefly to arrive – and no doubts I believe it will be worth it.


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