where can I buy Foria?


Thank you for your interest in Foria!

If you are a California resident you can join our collective and request Foria through our website. You can do this by filling out the application here: https://foriapleasure.com/account/register

If you’d rather go to a local dispensary that sells our product, you can look up what locations are closest to you by following this link to the store locator on our website: https://foriapleasure.com/apps/store-locator.

If you are in Colorado you can purchase Foria in Dispensaries across the state https://foriapleasure.com/apps/store-locator. The recreational dispensaries are open to residents and visitors alike and you do not need a medical recommendation.

If you want your favorite dispensary to carry Foria, please ask them to contact us and apply to be a Foria retailer.


hi .. i want to buy this product .. i live in paraguay but i have a box mail in florida… can you recomend me a online store for buying..


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