Where can I find these products?

"How do I search for products and find out where I can buy them?"

Go to the "Products" section of our website. You can search by using the filters or manually typing into the search field exactly what you are looking for. You will get a list of results that will include descriptions, price, and where you can purchase the products. Alternatively, you can also search under "Biz Listings" for delivery/dispensaries in your area and contact them to see if any carry what you are looking for.


Hi there! If you can not get to a dispensary storefront, there are plenty of deliveries that will be happy to bring your medicine! You can visit: https://www.hellomd.com/biz to search dispensaries and delivery services by your zip code.


Hi there! We do not sell products on our site directly.

I would encourage you to check out: https://www.marysmedicinals.com


If you have a medical recommendation here, you may purchase some products to be shipped to your home in California once you have a recommendation and upload it to the dispensary or delivery service along with your ID, place & pay for your order, it should be shipped to you.


To obtain a medical marijuana card, go to the HelloMD home page, select which state you reside in (NY or CA), and then you can scroll down and read the “ Our Process” which will detail next steps. You will be able to upload any pertinent medical information (i.e. the note from your doctor) into your medical record.


In NY, approved forms include liquids and oil for vaporization or administration via inhaler as well as capsules to take orally. Under the law, smoking is not permitted and the regulations prohibit edibles.

If you are approved for a medical marijuana card, you can search for dispensaries using the website: https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/in/united-states/new-york


Hi there! We actually do not sell products on our website. If you need to find a dispensary or delivery service, please check here: www.hellomd.com/biz


I recommend topical tinctures with concentrations of 30mg/ml rubbed into the area. Usually there is response and improvement within 10 minutes in most cases and that lasts 4-6 hours. I have not evaluated patches. They will be expensive and regulated by the FDA.


You can buy high-quality medical cannabis online from dispensaries currently offering online ordering for local or statewide private delivery. For example, if you’re located in Sonoma County, California, you can order high-quality medical cannabis and have it delivered the same day, from evaonline.org. Hope this helps!


Most dispensaries and delivery services should offer a variety of products either vape-pen, tincture, or edible that has CBD:THC in a 1:1 ratio (the dispensaries I’ve been to for research purposes usually have products with many different CBD:THC ratios!) If not you can do some digging. Yelp actually has a pretty good list of dispensaries and delivery services in your area and another app for smartphones is called WeedMaps that lots of information as well. My guess is that if a place doesn’t have a decent website that tells you about all products with all mg’s and ratios of cannabinoids or if someone who works there can’t answer these questions over the phone, you might want to go elsewhere.


Hi there! Nurse Goodbody’s topicals are available for purchase, but they can be hard to find!

Please try using this resource: https://www.cannabisreports.com/producer-reports/nurse-goodbodys – to see if you can find their topicals somewhere near you!

I hope this information helps!


Go to "Biz Listings" here on HelloMD. You just put in your zip code and they will show not only dispensaries in your area but also delivery services! You just have to check out the web sites provided for the dispensaries/ delivery services to make sure they have the tincture you want. Enjoy!


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