Where can I get marijuana transdermal patch?

Mary’s medicinals sell a transdermal patch. You can check them out here: https://www.marysmedicinals.com/products-properties/


You can get transdermal patches with us! We carry THC – Indica, CBD, and CBD/THC transdermal patches. You can find these patches, along with our other items, in our 100% organic and vegan menu here: https://greendoorwest.com/collections


There are two approaches I would consider for this type of pain:

  1. Transdermal patches, as you suggested, can be helpful. These deliver a cannabis remedy systemically (ie. same as ingesting something but with less demand on the liver…and they tend to be ‘slow-release’ types). The best known patches are made by Mary’s Medicinals and are widely available. I’ve seen them ranging for $10+ up depending on strength and your location.

  2. You may always want to try some cannabis topicals, which allow you to apply a cannabis-based solution directly on the are of pain/discomfort. Here is one article discussing options (https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/the-top-3-cannabis-topicals-for-back-pain) but there are several others. Personally, I use one called Flower Power. All of these are also widely available.

Good luck!


This is a wonderful question! It looks like Marys Medicinals sells transdermal patches. Here is a good bit of info on the subject

Also, if you are located in California, check out PureCure’s sublingual breath strip. Go to www.PureCure.com for a map of dispensaries where PureCure products are sold.


Topical products are not yet an allowed form of medical cannabis in New York, but as you know, the cannabis industry changes quickly so keep up-to-date on the NYS DOH website: https://www.health.ny.gov/regulations/medical_marijuana/


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