Where do I find medical marijuana that contains THCV? I heard it helps with weight loss.

"I understand that THCV helps with weight loss. I would like to know which cannabis companies sell products with THCV and where to find it."

Kelly G.

THCV has been getting a lot of attention lately. Long overshadowed by big sibling cannabinoids CBD and THC, tetrahydrocannabivarin may finally be coming into its own. It’s being used to help with appetite suppression and weight loss, and [conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis.

The trouble is finding it. Some African landrace Sativa strains have THCV in it, such as Durban Poison. But the highest THCV strain out there at the moment is Doug’s Varin. It boasts an unprecedented 6:7 THC to THCV ratio.

Wana brand Fit gummie with THCV

Cannabis companies are taking note of the rising interest and are producing products built on THCV, which some even claim will outstrip CBD as far as health benefits. For example, in October 2021, Wana Brands announced the the release of its new Optimals Fit line, using THCV to help people get a “handle on their cravings and build healthier habits.]

The company points out: “While THC creates a euphoric high and famously stimulates hunger, or ‘the munchies,’ THCV has been shown to enhance focus, lift energy and actually curb appetite . . .”

It also claims:

“In addition to boosting satiety (feelings of fullness) and enhancing focus, the THCV in Wana Fit Gummies has been shown to increase executive control function in the brain, making it easier for consumers to make conscious decisions about what they eat, versus reaching mindlessly for that bag of potato chips. THCV also appears to modify dopamine reward cycles, particularly as they relate to food, reducing the chemical incentive most people feel to consume fatty, sugary, or otherwise unhealthy snacks.”

THCV tablinguals by LEVEL

In California, Level Blends uses rare cannabinoids such as THCV and CBG in its products. Its Tablingual Stimulate brand is slipped under your tongue with a 1:1:1 THCV:THC:CBG ratio. With a five- to 20-minute onset, and a one-to-two-hour duration, it is designed to provide an energizing high, better focusing the mind.

Jackson F.

Verilife dispensary in Illinois

HelloMD partner Verilife has medical and recreational dispensaries in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. It has a good backgrounder on “What is THCV?”. One of the products it cites is THCV Uplift tincture, created by the Rare Cannabinoid Company.

A 30ml bottle contains 500mg of THCV and no THC. The product description says that in certified organic MCT coconut oil, “THCV oil acts like a stimulant, increasing energy levels and suppressing appetite. Scientists are studying THCV to see if it can offer benefits for diabetes, schizophrenia, nicotine and other addictions, and more.”

If you are interested in trying out THCV, Verilife invites you to visit one of its locations or sites for your area to see which products are in stock.

Sue H.

Spring Equinox by Heylo has a high amount of THCV

It’s also worth checking out Heylo in Seattle, Washington — a 100% women-owned i502 cannabis extracts processor. Using the highest quality flower, they go to great lengths to preserve the plant’s native terpenes and rare cannabinoids.

Its Spring Equinox, for example, available in Pax Pods, has 3.1% THCV, 55% THC and .1% CBD. The company describes the product:

“Smooth and light like a springtime breeze, this high THCV strain is like a breath of fresh air that inspires motivation and appreciation of the world around. Pairs well with sunset walks, gardening, going to the beach, bike rides or chilling with friends. Spring Equinox is genetically Blue Sugar Cookies.”

Its 8.4% terpenes include caryophyllene (1.5%), limonene (1.2%), and bisabolol (0.9%).

Leaf F.

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