Which CBD oil is better, thick, tar like or more liquefied?

"I’ve been using CBD oil that is fairly liquefied. I recently saw the Rick Simpson video on producing my own oil and his outcome is a thicker oil. "

I am not a doctor but I will attempt to give an answer to your question. First, I am a proponent of lab tested cannabis if it is not home grown. By the very fact you are making CBD oil, it tells me that you are most likely using it for some medical condition. Therefore, i hope you are starting with the highest grade cannabis that has been grown without the use of pesticides and or other harmful chemicals. Also, it is possible to extract oils from hemp but you lose the entourage effect found with cannabis and a large amount of hemp can actually contain nasty chemicals and may not be lab tested.

That said, there are 3 different methods for extracting CBD oil and each yields slightly different results:

-CO2 extraction is done by pushing CO2 into the plant at a very high pressure and at a lower temperature. This way yields the most pure form of CBD and my guess is that you will not be using this method as it is also done by more professional facilities.

-The Ethanol method uses high grain alcohol but in the process you can also destroy a lot of the beneficial oils-this could create a thinner liquid (I believe this is the method you may be using).

-Carrier Oil Extraction allows you to extract using an oil such as olive oil. Thisis a popular method used when making oils at home.

Knowing how Rick Simpson CBD oil recipes are typically made, my hunch is that the viscosity may have to do with the temperature at which you are cooking the material and/or the amount of potential solvent leftover. At best this is an inexact science where your dosing and quality fluctuates and is HIGHLY variable.

If you have a serious condition and have the ability to purchase your CBD oil from a facility that specializes in this, this would be the best approach. You will get the benefit of consistency, lab testing and piece of mind all in one. Constance Therapeutics in California is well known for the high grade oils she creates from whole flower. They are very scientific about their product creation and are able to give dosage advice.

Hope this helps!




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