Which fat is best to feel the effects of THC?

"Someone told me that you have to have fat with your marijuana, specifically THC, to feel anything or get high. Is that true? And if it is, which fat is best — I bought tinctures with olive oil and other stuff with coconut oil. Are they both good for THC?"

That is partly true. While some edibles containing THC that are consmed bond to your body fat, there are plenty of others that bond in different ways. For example, several products that we carry, such as the Level tablinguals or the Petra mints, the THC is absorbed through your saliva glands for a faster, more precise dosing.


THC is "fat-soluble".

The word “soluble” actually means “able to be dissolved.” When THC is classified as ‘fat-soluble’ it has to do with how THC is absorbed and stored in the body.

Not all fats break down THC equally. Olive oil was once one of the more desirable options as it absorbs healthy nutrients easier than butter. Coconut oil seems to have taken the top ranking by being the best at cannabinoid absorption due to its ability to break down cannabis very well because of coconut oil’s high levels of saturated fat. Bottom line, the higher the saturated fat levels the better it breaks down THC because THC is fat soluble.

Coconut oil has the highest saturation rate followed by palm kernal oil, and then butter.

Coconut oil may be your healthiest bet but its not the least expensive so you can try unsalted butter as well. Personally, a nice greasy cheese pizza works well for me 😉


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