which oil can I take for anxiety?

"I have a lot of anxiety, what can you sugest I take"

For my money, any tincture with both CBD and THC helps to put my mind at ease! Lately I’ve been enjoying Papa & Barkley’s 1:1 Releaf Tincture. It works quickly and effectively, and it doesn’t taste weird like some MCT oils do! You can check it out here: https://www.hellomd.com/products/5b6e236796120c00012c69d2/11-releaf-tincture

Kevin P.

Hi there!
I agree with Kevin. I most often recommend between a 1:1 to 4:1 ratio oil. The very high CBD: low THC oils, such as 20:1, do not deliver enough THC to anything other than mild anxiety for most people. A typical dose of a 20:1 tincture provides about 5mg of CBD and 0.25mg of THC, which, for the vast majority, is imperceptible; a 4:1 – 5mg of CBD and 1.25 mg of THC; 2:1 – 5mg CBD and 2.5mg of THC; 1:1 – 5mg CBD and 5mg of THC.

I also recommend the oils by Care By Design that are offered in several different ratios.

I hope this helps!


Kevin & Dr. Richard have offered some great suggestions for cannabis products that might be useful for anxiety; I remind pts that they should safely experiment with these and even other products as every person is different in terms of how they react to various cannabis products. Besides the great products mentioned I might offer some ideas that have helped my patients better use cannabis to reduce stress anxiety. Besides trying the tinctures just straight out of the bottle, many of my patients have found the soothing effect of diluting tincture drops in hot non-caffeinated herbal tea or hot soup; the tincture combined w/ a hot liquid being ingested will relax almost anybody. In addition I have encouraged pts to use whatever cannabis product of choice and try either Dr. Park’s "meditative walk" (the additional exercise helps most if not people with stress reduction) or try mindfulness/ meditation even in 5-10 minute "micro" sessions whilst using micro-doses of the cannabis (websites like Mindful.org and LiveAndDare.com will be useful). Finally, I recommend that if pts have insurance, they should ask for a cognitive behavioral therapy/ CBT referral; I have observed that, during these sessions a micro-dose of cannabis has allowed pts to relax and be more forthright with their therapist and be more receptive to ideas for stress/ anxiety relief. I hope these extra tips also help!


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