Which product would be best for me?

"I have bad arthritis in my hands but do not want to smoke. I also have a very low tolerance so do not want something too strong."

I would recommend this person use a product that has mostly CBD’s, also a high dosage of Ibuprofen and a additional salve with lidocaine in it. If more relaxation is needed perhaps a inhaler with a low dosage of THC, something with mist rather than smoke.


Cannabis Topicals are the best option for those who want pain relief without psycho-active effects, that normally accompany eating or smoking the plant.

Our skin has CB2 receptors that communicate with cannabinoids. The THC and THCa in our product gets a response from the brain to send pain relief, reduce inflammation, etc. when a topical is applied.

Many have found relief for arthritis this way. Let us know if you have any other questions!


Without knowing too much of your history, I’d suggest looking to our Caramel Corn or Chili Lime Peanuts for low dose tasty edibles. Make sure you have some sober snacks on hand too though. They’re just too good!

Some other helpful edible options may be our CBD Super Food Truffle (30mg CBD) or our CBD Brownie Bite (50mg CBD). Both CBD products have extremely low doses of THC as they’re made with Hemp CBD, which would be great for your low tolerance. Because these products are made from hemp and not cannabis, they are available for purchase nationwide through our website.

If your goal is to attack the arthritis directly, one thing I find personally helpful are medicated topicals like rub from Whoopi and Maya or Strictly Topical’s Sweet Relief. These products can usually be found at your local dispensary or delivery service.

Hope this helps!


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