Which products have high levels of CBN?

Cannabinol, or CBN, is the cannabinoid within cannabis that is responsible for the sedative effects. For this reason, if you seek to find a strain that will put you to sleep, you want one that is high in CBN. Interestingly, THC over time degrades to CBN so a vape pen left in a hot car over time will have more CBN than from the time you first bought it. Also, marijuana that has just aged for too long may have higher concentrations.

The best way to find a high CBN strain is to go to a dispensary that lab tests. You should be able to read the cannabinoid profile of the strain and/or do research online beforehand to see which strains are higher in CBN.

It is a bit trickier when looking for products other than flower as many products don’t list cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD.One might assume that if a product is touted for being ‘good for sleeping’ the strain used within the product will contain more CBN.

I am not a doctor and this post represents my opinion. I hope this helps!


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