Which tincture works best for anxiety and stress relief?

"Reading the benefits of the tinctures for anxiety, stress & excess relief I find something in each I could benefit from. I am on Celexa for depression for years but have times when I go back into my shell. What works best without getting the munchies?"

A good place to start to learn more about tinctures for managing anxiety and stress is this article written by our co-founder Pamela:


I would recommend our Super High CBD tincture which is a 30:1 CBD/THC ratio. We have many people with anxiety and depression that are getting great results with this tincture. Tinctures make dosing easy and consistant.


Let me tell you how CBD can solve your problem first.
While CBD is an antioxident compound, it can rescue your anxiety. Having no psychoactive effect, CBD don’t get you high. Plus CBD is a very good calming compound. This will make you more relax just after taking the dosage.

Now what ticture work for you…
The Green Road World’s CBD Oil (https://www.greenroadsworld.com/collections/cbd-cannabis-oils) would be the perfect solution for you. The reason why I am suggesting you is I’ve personally tried it for the depression and it worked. And I’ve seen many positive reviews about their products. I think you should try it too.


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