Which topical product would you recommend for muscle/joint aches associated with Crohn's?

Hi there! I am not a doctor, but we do have some great content on our website re: this. "While edibles are not always ideal for patients with Crohn’s, due to the sensitivity of their stomachs, they are the fastest way to get cannabinoids to the receptors in the GI tract. Alternative delivery methods patients with Crohn’s can use are sublingual oils, vaporization, and smoking." You can read the entire article here: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/559ab1aa3664330006050000/the-new-way-to-ease-crohns-symptoms-medical-marijuana I don’t have Chron’s but for pain relief, my favorite is the Bloom Farms AC/DC Highlighter Vape Pen. Vaporizing is my preferred method of consumption because it’s discreet, there’s hardly any smell, and it’s easy to use!

Also, check out this article: https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/561d5de53233340006be0000/cannabis-shows-promise-as-a-treatment-for-crohns-disease-and-colitis It suggests some of the best strains for Chron’s symptoms.

Hope this helps!


Hi there. I would like to suggest you the CBD for your issue. All the best!


I agree with the answers given but want to add that when you use the topical CBD dominant cream, do not forget to treat your spine. typically when a person has Crohn’s disease or in any kind of G.I. distress, they may also notice of backache and this is called the visceral somatic response. When the viscera, the G.I. system (your guts) become inflamed The nerves that go to the spine pick up on the inflammation so in order to stop inflammation in the body you also want to treat the nerves in the spine that correspond to the area of your body that is inflamed. To calm the G.I. system you would apply the topical CBD dominant cream to your spine at beginning beginning about the level of the bottom of your scapula tip to the waistline. If you apply the cream every hour during your waking hours you likely will achieve long extended periods of pain relief in approximately one week.


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