Which vapes/oils are recommended for pain?

" I have chronic endometriosis and until I am satisfied with surgical options, cannabis is my solution. I’m looking for the best strains for pain. "

We have had amazing feedback from many patients that use W Vapes for pain. In fact, one of our biggest fans, Dr Allen S Miller, has used many of our Indica strains to combat a vast array of chronic injuries/pain. I mention him by name because he has posted many a testimonial on our social media pages, and one of them appears on the front page of our website (wvapes.com) — Doctors like Allen are working with other patients to assist in the transition from heavy opioid use to natural cannabis solutions. I would recommend trying a good Indica such as Granddaddy Purple or True OG, or even a classic hybrid such as Girl Scout Cookie has been very beneficial for pain for some of our staff.


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