Why am I feeling extremely lightheaded every time I smoke?

"I have recently been getting extremely lightheaded every time I smoke to the point that I feel like I’m going to pass out. I usually smoke everyday at least twice a day and have a pretty high tolerance. I went on a trip about two weeks ago and didn’t smoke for about two nights. When I came back I smoked and got the worst high, super lightheaded, fast heartbeat, and shaky. Ever since then the same thing has been happening (not as bad as the first time though). I thought it was just because I had a cold during the time, but I’ve been feeling better and yet I get the same bad high every time I smoke. Is this something that I should do? "

Please see your physician locally for more help.

Lightheaded can be a result of benign causes such as dehydration, or conditions like B.P.P.V, however it can also be due to a serious process like anemia or worse. I am also concerned by the episode of shakiness, palpitations and "super lightheaded" feeling. That should not happen with medical cannabis, and could be a result of an underlying problem.

Without a physical exam it is difficult to tell why you have these symptoms. If you can, take a break from smoking especially if you had a recent cold or viral illness until you find the etiology for your symptoms.


Hello! I’m sorry to hear this has been happening to you. Dizziness, lightheadedness, and low blood pressure could be a side effect of cannabis, and cannabis can worsen symptoms from an underlying health condition. My advice to you is to discontinue cannabis if it is causing these side effects. Your symptoms could be from your recent illness or from dehydration but to be safe I would get a check up with your primary care physician for a full physical evaluation, letting them know what is happening to you. If everything comes back normal and you are feeling better, you could try adding in cannabis again very slowly, perhaps at a lower THC level, and monitoring the outcome. If you still feel close to passing out with cannabis, I would advise you to discontinue cannabis use for your safety. Good luck!


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