Why are low temperatures so important for dabbing?

I dab concentrates using a torch. I’ve been told that I’m heating them up too much. Why do dabs need lower temperatures?

Mark H

It’s the difference between smoke and vapor. Dabbing concentrates allows you to consume cannabis in more potent forms than other methods of consumption. As you know, you have a dab rig, something like a bong, but with a metal or quartz nail instead of a glass bowl. After the nail is heated, a dab of concentrate is dropped or pressed on the nail. It is vaporized at low temperatures and turned to smoke at higher ones.

It’s good to know this if you are worried about the dangers of smoking cannabis, which can expose you to unhealthy compounds and even carcinogens. So controlling the temperature of dabbing helps reduce this risk.

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The Piranha Quartz One Piece Beaker Dab Rig w/Banger

Also, the lower temperatures, producing vapor, can better preserve the cannabinoids in the concentrates, as well as the terpenes that give the concentrate its flavor and aroma and interact with the other cannabinoids to provide various health benefits. Dabbing at high temperatures can leave you with an unpleasant burnt taste.

It is hard to control the temperature of dabs using a blowtorch with a nail, and many people burn the concentrate because of this. That is why I prefer using an e-nail. This electronic device connects to a controller box that heats the nail according to your preference, allowing you to regulate the temperature exactly. For the best results (to get vapor rather than smoke), it’s best to set your e-nail to temperatures at 610 degrees F or lower.

Peggy Mucho

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If you are interested in trying dabbing but don’t know how to do it, HelloMD has a series of Cannabis 101 videos on YouTube, including this one on how to dab concentrates. It covers everything from the equipment you need, to assembling the e-nail, to half-filling the dab rig with water, to heating it to the correct temperature.

If you do dab, do so safely. If you use a mini-blow torch and it accidentally leaks butane, there is a possibility of fire (so the e-nail is a safer bet). Many concentrates are also made with butane, which poses fire hazards to the producers and health risks to users.

So you need to learn how to dab safely, including not using low-quality concentrates or nails.

Francine C

I think you also need to point out that dabbing can be a pretty intense high. Some newbies can be really slammed if they dab too much the first time. So try a small amount at a low heat setting if you don’t want to get the spins or knocked out. (See: https://www.thrillist.com/lifestyle/nation/what-is-dabbing-a-complete-novices-guide-to-concentrates).


That’s true: Be careful if you are new to dabbing. But there are also strong reasons to dab. Yes, it might appeal to recreational users who like the potency, and have a high tolerance, but dabbing can also be useful for medical marijuana users. A fast-acting, potent dose might be what is needed to deal with health conditions such as chronic pain or PTSD. People also dab because they want a better medicinal experience than smoking marijuana. Dab concentrates have less plant matter and more cannabinoids than smoking, so patients can get the dose they need without as much smoke or vapor getting into their throat and lungs.

Peggy Mucho

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