Why are there so many cannabis strains? Are they really all that different? I mean, c'mon over 1500 strains?

"What happened to just having to choose between indica and sativa?"

When I first became involved in the cannabis industry, I too was skeptical about all the different strains, and whether they really made a difference to how people feel.

HelloMD did some research and we found that overwhelmingly, people find that different strains do in fact affect them differently (with over 1400 people responding). Whether all the information about the actual feeling they create is accurate or consistent from one person to another is very much up for debate.

If you are interested, here is a link to the actual survey responses we received. It makes for interesting reading:



It’s true that there is some over-emphasis placed on the specifics of strain names and such. A good bit of it is purely branding. Names like "grand-daddy purple" and "sour diesel" are going to sell very well simply due to their ubiquity. However, it’s worth noting that different strains are going to have entirely different ratios of the various cannabinoids, which means they will affect different people differently. In addition, the terpenes that give strains their specific smells and tastes also play an important role in their medical effects. Plenty of research supports this. As such, even two indica strains can have entirely different effects from one another. For most situations, indica and sativa are the major distinguishing points, and strains relate more to personal preferences. But the differences between specific strains should not be discounted. In the future, I hope that there will be more scientific study of the effects of different cannabinoid ratios on the human body and nervous system, but till then, strain names are a useful tool.


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