Why does SweetReLeaf have all THC and no CBD?

"I thought CBD was the non-psychoactive ingredient in the plant used for pain relief and that THC was the psychoactive ingredient. Sweet ReLeaf has all THC and no CBD, why?"

CBD is a non-pyschoactive cannabionoid and THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid. According to their website, Sweet ReLeaf is made with organic coconut oil infused with 100% cannabis trichomes, shea butter, cacao butter and select essential oils. A trichome is a small resin gland found on cannabis flowers and leaves where cannabinoids like THC and CBD and more are produced. The amounts and ratios of THC and CBD in the trichomes vary by plant and by when they are harvested. According to their website, the cream contains 84.94 mg of THC / Jar , however, the CBD mg amount is not disclosed.


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