Why is it so difficult to find high CBD/low THC products for medical use?

"Will this become more of a problem when rec occurs in NV? (It has in Oregon.)"

I suspect the reason high CBD with low THC is difficult to find because it is so popular right now, the products can sell out quickly but it could be that the growers and manufacturers in your area may not realize there is a desire for the products in your area. Did you ask for help in the Dispensary to find the products?
The CBD tinctures, since this is plant material without preservatives, the products are typically refrigerated so you must ask for help to find these products.
The high CBD low THC vape pens and refill cartridges are typically displayed in a display case.


High CBD, low THC strains are difficult to grow and consume a lot of time and energy to grow indoors. Strains like AC/DC have a 15 week veg cycle. Since it’s not as popular as high THC strains, it is not as cost effective and expensive for the patient.

This is a litmus test for true Non-profit Collectives. If your collective does not carry quality CBD products, then they may not have your medical needs in mind. The Collectives I frequent, like Bat Buds Fresno and House of Wax, consider my medical needs parimount. The often discount based on my condition.


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