why is my tolerance so high?

"Ever since the summer i started vaping those wax cartridges alot to the point where i couldnt really get high anymore. Now i dont really get high when i smoke i dont nearly smoke as much as i use to. I space my highs out alot and most of the week im out so idk why my tolerance stays so high. Even my highs are only around 30 minuets long. Ive only been smoking for almost 3 years and my first year was nothing but flower, the past 2 years i mostly get high vaping bho. I still use flower alot but if its not fire i dont feel much and get kind of a 15 minuete head rush."

Have you considered taking a tolerance break? I know it might not sound ideal as some symptoms may return if you are using cannabis medicinally but after about 2 weeks of not smoking the effects should return to what you are used to, and if you can abstain from using cannabis for 30-90 days then you might be surprised how little cannabis is takes to get you "high" and how long that effect will last.


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