Why is OG Kush so popular?

"I notice that OG Kush seems to be in a lot of dispensaries. Why is this? "

There may be a few reasons for this. OG Kush genes may be found in many west coast strains, and depending on the environment may be expressed in different ways (phenotypes). OG Kush has many different phenotypes including Tahoe OG, Alpha OG, and SFV OG.

The therapeutic effects of this indica strain have been described as relaxing while being euphoric, and OG Kush has been used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, ADHD, and migraine headaches.


OG Kush is a classic West Coast strain famous for its potency and flavor. Its plant produces dense, sticky buds that people have been enjoying since the mid-90s.

OG Kush a high THC strain, predominantly indica, which produces a strong psychoactive effect – most people report happy, euphoric feelings that come on quickly and dominate your senses. It also has a fresh, pungent, citrus aroma that is pleasing to most people.

Due to its potency, it rose in popularity amongst celebrities and singers and has been mentioned in numerous cultural references, thereby boosting its profile. It’s currently one of the more sought after strains, and is therefore a favorite amongst growers and a staple in dispensaries.


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