Why should I use the vapexhale over other options? Would it possibly be better for depression & pain dosing?


Utilizing a vaporizer is a great way to manage pain dosing. The vapexhale is able to vaporize even small amounts of cannabis. This allows users to specifically dial in on the amount of cannabis they see fit for managing their pain. In comparison, rolling a cannabis cigarette will take up much more material and may even be excessive for managing your specific type of pain.


Here are a few differences of why to choose Vapexhale EVO over other options:

  1. Air path is 100% borosilicate glass (Pyrex) it is safe, inert, and non reactive
  2. You get better flavor because the glass doesn’t add or takeaway any flavor.
  3. Flexibility – the device has won 2 Cannabis Cup Best Product awards, once for its flower capability and the second time for our oil functionality. One device that is best in class for both.
  4. Efficiency – customers have reported that they use only 1/3 the amount to achieve the same level of medication as other vaporizers.
  5. First unit to use hot air instead of a hot surface to consume concentrates. Most pens and dab rigs are like frying your concentrates, our device is like putting it in a convection oven.


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