Will Canabis oil help shrink/cure stage 4 intestinal cancer

"Hello, My dad, age 84, was diagnosed with stage 4 intestinal cancer that had metastasized in August. He went through two rounds of chemo and ultimately came down with C-Diff and Thrush. The thrush would not go away and prevented him from eating and drinking for quite a while. The answer to this was to give him pain killers. He is now in full hospice. A hospital bed was brought in, a catheter, and a morhpine pain pump. He is barely conscious and couldn’t eat or drink if he wanted to. He has a medical marajuana card (we are in CT) Is there any chance for him if I can convince them to reduce the morphine and add medical marajuana? We were doing oil for a while, but he stopped weeks ago. The answer I keep getting from the medical people is "it’s the progression of the disease." Perhaps it is, but I just can’t give up quite yet. Do you think there is any hope for him? Thank you!"

I am sorry to hear about your fathers difficult and painful situation. If your father is barely conscious and not eating or drinking I am not sure what cannabis product you wold administer to him. While cannabis can decrease the amount of pain that a person has and decrease dependency, in your fathers case this is not an issue. Tinctures would be the only way to give him any type of cannabis it seems.

There has been no clinical evidence that cannabis shrinks or cures any type of cancer at all. All scientific evidence has been in the laboratory and also "reports" by people claiming a cure. While for the most part there is no harm to give cannabis to patients suffering from cancer, they should not use it as their sole means of treatment. Most of the times you use cannabis to achieve a certain amount of pain relief or see some result that you are looking for. With your father barely conscious I’m not sure how you would be able to determine this. Unfortunately I’m not sure how cannabis will be able to used, or if it would help, your father..

Perry Solomon, MD

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