Will cannabis help overactive bladder pain?

Do you have interstitial cystitis? Pain can be a symptom of overactive bladder but usually overactive bladder is urgency and frequency and pain maybe alerting you that there is something else wrong such as inflammation of the area of the bladder call the trigone. The pain can be intermittent as the bladder is filling or emptying. For IC, you may want to try juicing fresh, organic, healthy cannabis leaf but since it may not be readily available this time of year, use CBD cannabis especially in a nonalcoholic tincture. Alcohol is an irritant to the bladder as well as spicy foods and in some people, caffeine.
I also advise using a 1:1, CBD: THC salve massage into the area just above the pubic bone and the perineum several times a day and you may notice relief within a week. Please, no menthol in your cannabis salve. Other soothing herbs such as: calendula or plaintain maybe okay but I believe they do dilute your medicine.
Since there are no clinical studies, let us know how this works for you. I have treated other patients with the slave for excessive nighttime urination but these are only antidote stories, nothing scientific.


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