Will I get high if I use a topical?

"I would like to use this during the day and need to be able to function at work."

A cannabis topical cream/salve does not enter the blood stream as long as you do not touch your eyes, mouth or take a hot steam bath after applying. Cannabis patches are applied topically, but DO enter the blood stream; therefore, there is a potential for being "high" with patches.


No. Absorbed through the skin, Cannabis-infused topicals do not produce the high associated with smoking, vaping or ingesting Cannabis. They also don’t show up as positive in urine or blood tests. Non-activated (unheated or cured) Cannabinoids like THCA and CBDA (the acidic precursors to THC and CBD) are non-psychoactive and contain many of the anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective properies needed for relief and healing.

Used by atheletes and the elderly alike, Xternal topicals are formulated to produce a high local concentration of Cannabinoids for targeted relief. They work naturally to relieve discomfort and pain. Apply where it hurts and rub it in! Results usually occur within minutes.

Xternal topicals offer 9 ways to heal: Balm, Spray, Cream, Mud, Soak, Roll-On, Body Wash, Massage Oil and Lip Balm.

Hope this helps. Best wishes…



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