Will legalization drive boutique, high craft cannabis farmers out of business?

"Or could legalization make the artisanal farmers more desirable? You guys obviously value premium cannabis and source from the best. I’m wondering what the future is for these smaller farmers in your opinion."

Obviously, we’d like to think the future is bright for the craft cannabis farms of California, but the path will not be easy and we need your help. It will be important to ask where your cannabis products come from. There are a lot of large, chemically fertilized cannabis farms going into operation all over the state and it will be important for consumers to support the small family farms from the Emerald Triangle.

The highest quality cannabis has always been produced in small batches on rural mountain farms, but legalization and investment capital are beginning to cloud the view consumers with tools like packaging and marketing. Only organic, biologically focused farming harnesses the forces of nature to coax out the truest expressions of the plant; the mega-farms will always struggle to compete with the quality produced by craft farmers.

The craft farmers of the North Coast are banding together into cooperatives and working with amazing organizations like Flow Kana to give themselves a chance, but it’s all going to come down to the people who enjoy the amazing flowers. Be a discerning customer, vote with your money, don’t settle for lamp grown… CRAFT CANNABIS COMES FROM SMALL FARMS.


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