Will my pet get high with these biscuits?

Your pet will not get high from Treatibles. Cannabidiol from industrial hemp has the added benefit of having virtually no THC. This is why it’s not possible to get “high” with these products. There simply isn’t enough THC.


No. Treatibles are made from medicinal grade Hemp grown in Europe which contains high amounts of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and little to no THC. We use the whole plant extract, and include other cannabinoids in our proprietary blend to provide an entourage effect.

THC is the psychotropic cannabinoid that creates that “stoned” feeling. Marijauna contains high amounts of THC and low amounts of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids. The reason we make Treatibles from medicine grade Hemp and not Marijuana, is because we don’t want your pets to get “high.”

As you probably know, animals do not like getting “high.” For dogs it can lead to “static ataxia” or “THC toxicity.”

Dr. Rob Silver, DVM, writes in his book “Medical Marijuana and Your Pet – the Definitive Guide:” “An early study into the effects of THC on a variety of species, including rats, mice, pigeons, monkeys, and dogs, concluded that the dog has the highest concentration of CB1 receptors in its brain (Martin, 1976). This explains the fact that dogs are much more sensitive to the effects of THC than other species.”

For more information: https://www.potforpets.info/

For more information: https://www.compassioncenter.net/marijuana-and-pets/


Thanks for your note, @drpinto! You’re correct, there isn’t enough THC for it to cause a reaction similar to what humans consider getting "high". That’s why we’re able to accommodate patients and furbabies all around the country.

Our medical grade hemp also does not contain any hard metals or chemicals that may be found in industrially grown hemp, something very important to note as these contaminates can cause adverse side effects.


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