Will RSO Affect Other Medications Taken?

“My husband just started on RSO for his low-grade glioma. He is on several heart, high blood pressure, incontinence, and diabetic medications. Upon checking his blood, it was in the normal range after he took MM for the first time so we did not give him his insulin. Will MM affect any of these medications by enhancing them, that he should not take them? I have read that MM could increase his blood pressure or decrease it significantly. Do I need to be concerned about his blood pressure going out of whack? With his medications, his blood pressure has been fine. I await your advice.”

The THC in cannabis tends to cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate when used acutely and tends to be dose related. After prolonged and chronic use of THC, it can lower heart rate and blood pressure in some people. I would not anticipate his blood pressure going up and down throughout his treatment. Once he has been on the RSO for a while, he might see his pressures come down and stay down. On the other hand, it may not effect his pressures at all. There are many medications whose levels and efficacy can be affected when cannabis is present – antidepressants, benzodiazepines, GERD medications, blood thinners, anti-convulsants, and chemotherapeutics just to name a few. If he is being treated by an oncologist, it is important for his to know that he is using cannabis, even if he does not approve. You might have his doctor check his medication list for possible interactions with cannabis. When in doubt, dose the RSO about 2 hours apart from his other medications.


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