Will some form of Cannabis help with severe stenosis nerve pain and want to avoid fusion surgery

I’m sorry to hear about your terrible spinal stenosis pain. Avoiding surgery is possible but it is also wise to take into consideration that spinal fusion surgery is the only option, no matter how much cannabis you are using. One consideration is the type of pain being experienced; if there is neuropathy or radiculopathy (pain that is like electric tingling, or a burning or numb sensation), there have been some studies in the past showing that THC in higher amounts (if you can tolerate it) may be best. I recommend experimenting around until you find a CBD: THC ratio that gives you analgesia (pain relief) but doesn’t cause nausea, dizziness or other adverse reaction (for example perhaps 2:1 or 1:1 CBD to THC). There are a large number of modalities that one can purchase: vape-pens and tinctures are short lasting but quick acting. There are a number of topical salves, patches that can be used. Companies like Om & Sacred make cannabis infused epsom salts for soaking your body in hot water but here’s a relatively easy home recipe: https://www.cannabischeri.com/lifestyle/diy/how-to-make-marijuana-bath-salts/
If there are issues w/ sleep, look into all the various edible products out there and experiment w/ dosing to give you at least 6-7 if not more hours of restful sleep at a sitting.
If you are serious about trying to avoid surgery, you need to add a stretching regimen (best done w/ cannabis to help w/ any pain that may come up) as well as physical therapy.


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