will the cannabis oil work on lymth nodes that have cancer?

Actually, lymph nodes are garbage collection sites and we have them all over our body and they all drain to the chest. Once the lymph node is full of garbage it doesn’t really function anymore but I don’t think cleaning out the lymph node is the answer and your time might be better spent on increasing detoxification of the entire body especially the liver, the G.I. tract, the kidneys and the skin since these are areas of major detoxification of the body.
It is very difficult to get anything into a lymph node that is already filled with toxins such as cancer in order to get it cleaned out and that’s why surgeons often times will remove abnormal lymph nodes. There is a process for whole body detoxification and even with lymph cancer it could lighten the load on the lymphatic system.


The simple answer to this is, no. There has not been any human trials of cannabis "curing" any type of cancer either in the lymph nodes or elsewhere. There have been some experiments in the laboratory that seem to show that cannabis can kille some types of cancer cells. With any type of cancer it is best to consult with your physician for the proper treatment.
However if the question is modified to ask if cannabis can hurt your body if you do have cancer, my opinion is also no. The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis as well as helping with peripheral neuropathy that can result from some chemotherapeutic drug treatments can be beneficial.

Perry Solomon, MD

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