Will the existing market in California – growers, dispensaries, brands be able to stay in business?

"Prop 64 has a lot of things within it that could potentially lead to the dissolution of the current industry. Like the taxes might go too high, or the licensing may prove too challenging and so on. I am interested in what the opinion is of the experts and anyone else who has insight into what the industry will look like in 2-3 years."

That is a fantastic question. MMRSA which goes into effect will drastically change the cannabis industry in CA. It is attempting to turn cannabis into a commodity in order to keep prices down for consumers, but will end up bringing prices down for growers and manufacturers. In my opinion, the only way to keep up margins will be to differentiate your product through branding, and to create a supply for your unique brand. Prop 64 will not immediately impact that formula, but will probably accelerate it once recreation cannabis is available commercially (2-3 years).


I was told by my dispensary that they would be put out of business because of a connection to Prop 215. They are in a tight spot…not wanting to talk political issues with customers but don’t want to be put out of business either. They are a small family run dispensary so I’m at a loss about which way to vote.


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