Will transdermal patches for pain and inflammation interfear with warfarin?

Doctors that I have spoken with have expressed concerns about cannabis use and blood thinners. Our collective has a cannabis-friendly pharmacist as a consultant and is available to provide a phone consultation if you feel the need. Below is a case study published in PubMed that should give you pause before medicating while on warfarin. Good luck.

Marijuana may increase warfarin anticoagulant effect by inhibiting its metabolism, and to a lesser extent, displacing warfarin from protein-binding sites. Other causes (eg, nonadherence) of the patient’s increased INR were ruled out. Using the Horn Drug Interaction Probability Scale, our patient’s warfarinmarijuana interaction appeared to be probable.

To our knowledge, there have been no other reported cases of warfarin-marijuana interaction. While more clinical reports would be useful to confirm this interaction, clinicians should be aware of its probability so as to manage patients appropriately.


Can the patches help me. I have severed spinal cord
And have a neurapthy type pain and swelling
My injury level is T5. I also have arthritis


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