Will Treatibles interfere with other medications my pet is taking?

A very interesting question!

CBD and other cannabinoids competitively inhibit the Cytochrome P450 metabolism system. These enzymes metabolize approximately 60% of all medications.

Therefore, depending on the medication and the way it is metabolized, Treatibles may have an effect on your animal’s medical treatment. What is not known is the dose below which cannabinoids will not effect metabolism of other drugs.

I would recommend you discuss consideration of CBD therapy for your pet with your veterinarian.


Great question!! We have heard from many veterinarians, trainers, and even some of our customers that our Treatibles products are completely safe to use alongside other medications. Often human companions find that Treatibles are great at helping to minimize some of the nasty side effects of prescription medications.

If you have a specific medication you’re worried about, we always suggest speaking with a veterinarian directly. They are the only medical professionals who are fully equipped to give you the best information possible.

If you’d like to receive some testimonials from past patients, please feel free to contact us at info@treatibles.com! Thanks!


Treatibles can be used in conjunction with other medications your pet is taking.

The results noticed by pet owners using our treats are anecdotal. We have collected data from over 2000 customers and find that Treatibles customers use the product for a myriad of conditions in conjunction with other medications and solely. Many of our customers find that taking Treatibles in conjunction with other medications helps to reduce some of the side effects of those medications (nausea, lethargy, etc.)

Treatibles are safe, non-toxic, and non-habit forming. However, because of CBD’s interaction with various cytochrome P450 enzymes in the liver, taking Treatibles in conjunction with other medications might impact those other medications.

We are not veterinarians and cannot advise on whether Treatibles would be a replacement or concomitant regimen. It is recommended that you consult with your veterinarian to determine the best protocol for your pet.

According to Dr. Rob Silver in “Medical Marijuana and Your Pet – the Definitive Guide,” cannabinoids reduce pain in a different way than narcotics and, consequentially, “Clinicians have found that using both a narcotic and a cannabinoid at the same time can substantially improve pain management in a given patient.”

For more information: https://www.potforpets.info/

This study shows that CBD can be helpful in preventing the neuropathic pain commonly associated with the use of chemotherapy medication without diminishing the effectiveness of the chemotherapy treatment:



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