With my marijuana card in California, what can I purchase?

A Medical Marijuana Recommendation allows you legal access to collectives, dispensaries and delivery services. What you purchase is really up to you, how you would like to use it and/or what you have access to. You can obtain Medical Marijuana in dry weight to smoke and inhale, or in a liquid versions to vaporize or ingest, you can get edibles, sublingual, oils, tinctures and lotions.


Once you have your medical card you can purchase any products offered at a dispensary. Commonly available products include: Cannabis flower (for smoking or cooking with), edibles, topicals (cannabis preparations for your skin, primarily for relief of pain or soreness), and tinctures (can be taken orally for various symptoms).


I have been to the clubs there info is great all you have to do is ask tell them your aliments and you hooked up thanks for pain relief


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