Would a topical cannibis cream help reduce tumor on side of face/ squamous cell carcinoma

"My sister has squamous cell carcinoma of the vagina that has spread to various lymph nodes, lungs and liver. She has developed a large tumor which is on the left side of her face which the nurses say is from one of her lymph nodes. It is of course quite painful and we have just started giving her CBD oil and THC oil. I wanted to see if a topical cannibis product would help reduce this tumor?"

Yes topical cannabis preparations have been shown to be effective in treating neoplasms of the skin, particulary squamous cell carcinoma. Rick simpson oil (hash oil, hemp oil, FECO) should be applied directly to the neoplasm and covered with a bandage, and the oil and bandage re-applied every 3-5 days. It is alwways good to visit a dermatologist, family physician or internist for diagnosis and pathological study of the cells involved. Skin cancer can progress rapidly and great care should be taken in treating it.


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