Would CBD be a good option for nausea and to help with appetite?

"Any Doctor’s advise would be greatly appreciated, Thank you. "

Hello, and thank you for the great question. There is some preliminary research which suggests CBD as a potential anti-emetic and appetite stimulating solution. However, in my experience, THC provides, by far, more relief than does CBD.

For both appetite stimulation, and especially nausea, I recommend a VAPORIZER pen and/or a "standard" vaporizer for the actual marijuana plant. Here are tips on how to use a "standard" vaporizer.https://www.hellomd.com/health-wellness/5883f872854cdb00081e665f/5-tips-using-your-dry-flower-vaporizer-properly


Hey there,

CBD is a great option for nausea and loss of appetite.

CBD is a hemp extraction that is used as alternative treatment.

CBD is known to boost up the immune system which helps to maintain a healthy appetite.

Not only CBD treats the ailments that you mentioned but it helps many other diseases like chronic pain and epilepsy.

I myself have been using CBD products of https://www.greenroadsworld.com/ for years now which helped me a lot.

For your convenience, i’m going to insert a link that can help learn more about CBD health benefits.

Now i’m no doctor but i felt like reaching out to you.

Hope this was helpful!


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