Would Foria help with vaginal neuralgia (Vulvadynia)?

Hi! I’m a sex educator and someone who lives with vulvodynia, and I have found that 6-8 sprays of Foria Pleasure applied to my vulva/vaginal opening 25 minutes prior to penetration has been incredibly helpful in managing the pain that I typically experience. I’ve had a number of other folks come up to me after workshops and share similar positive experiences with Foria as a relief from pain with penetration.


Vulvodynia is a chronic pain, burning or disomfort around the opening of the vagina usually brought on by touch or pressure, such as intercourse or prolonged sitting. For the most part, there is no identifiable cause and medication to treat it range from antidepressants to topical estrogen or anesthetic cream. No treatment for vulvodynia has been shown to be effective for all women, all the time.
Foria Pleasure is a topical spray that contains approximately 2.5 mg of THC and other cannabinoids and natural liquid coconut oil in each spray. The suggested dose is about 5 sprays. It is designed as a therapeutic oil designed to enhance female pleasure. It is not designed as a lubricant and has no anesthetic or numbing properties, and women have reported increased sexual pleasure after using it.
Whether the increased sexual reaction that women experience distracts or eliminates any vulvodynia would have to determined by each woman. Perhaps use it with and without sexual activity and see if it works. But in reality, if it works to decrease the pain, isn’t that all that’s important? Using it with sexual activity just makes it more enjoyable!

Perry Solomon, MD

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