Would like recommendation on edibles for sciatica that can be used morning and night

I like to recommend Kiva brand edibles because the dosages are very accurate and that alone can prevent you from ingesting too much and having a very unpleasant experience. I prefer smoking or vaping because it’s very fast relief for my nerve pain.. but if that’s not your thing, try the Kiva stuff and also a cannabis topical to rub into the area where you feel pain


For the morning, I recommend taking an edible that has a higher CBD content. That will help with the pain, but as is doesn’t have a high THC content (or can be THC-free), there would be little to no psychoactive effects. A few examples are the Medi-Roons CBD product, available in Brownie and Lemon Pie. Also, Hashman makes a CBD Dark Chocolate Bar (80mg). At night, an edible with a higher THC content would be more compatible. At Green Door West, we offer a variety of higher THC edibles. We offer different choices from different brands in order to provide more flavors to choose from! We also offer a variety of doses, so customers are able to pick what works best for them! Our products can be found on our website at https://greendoorwest.com/.


Hello, thanks for your interest in HelloMD. Can you tell us a little more about what has been done for your back and foot? Is the nerve damage a separate issue from the sciatica/ radiculopathy? What other meds are you taking? In terms of safety, a topical med cann prep that you can apply to the foot seems a good, safe place to start. There are a variety of products and how to use them but there’s not enough time here to go over the dizzying number of things that might be helpful. If you are a HelloMD pt and have seen one of our care staff, are there any recc’s that were made besides cannabis? I’m sorry I couldn’t help more; if you haven’t done so you might want to speak directly to me or any of our other providers Mon-Sun 10am- 7pm so we can help you more!.


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