Would you please recommend something for my longhair, senior dachshund

"He suffers from severe anxiety with wheezing, chronic itchy rash and hind leg dysplasia"

Poor puppy! I’d love to see him try out our CBD wellness chews, Treatibles. They’re hemp-derived, so there’s no need to worry about possible THC poisoning or reaction. We have two sizes that could help depending on how much he weighs. Our small chews contain 1mg of CBD while our large chews contain 2.5mgs. We suggest 1mg for every 10lbs. If you’d like, we’d be happy to send you a free sample. Just email us at info@treatibles.com or call us directly at (415) 579-2230.


Also Treatwell makes a great tincture for pets! And Allison is great at answering all questions.


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