You say in your video that 60mg of THC does not make you high.

"Can you explain how this could be? It seems a very high amount, and I am quite sensitive to THC."

60mg is a relatively high amount of THC, you’re right. And if you’re especially sensitive, it is good to be aware of your limitations. If you’re concerned, you might consider starting with half of the suppository, just to see how your body reacts.

One factor to keep in mind is that due to the nature of CBD, the 10mg of CBD will help offset any psychoactive effects that the THC might cause.



When used vaginally or rectally, THC is processed differently than when ingested orally. When ingested orally, about half of the THC gets a first-pass processing by the liver, which creates the psychoactive effect. When used vaginally or rectally, THC is avoiding this process and most people do not experience any psychoactive effect.

I am also sensitive to THC and could not stand ingesting 60mg orally without being out for the count, but I can easily take a rectal or vaginal suppository without feeling "high" at all.

If you want to be sure and start slow, we absolutely support that. Our suppositories are homogenous and you can easily cut them in half for a half dose.

Also, check out this great article about the benefit and bioavailability of suppositories:


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