New DEA Ruling on Hemp & Marijuana Extracts

DEA Creates a New Regulatory Code The DEA just released a three page report outlining the newest controlled substances code created for “marihuana extracts”, even

An Open Letter to Jeff Sessions

Dear Senator Sessions, Congratulations on your nomination for Attorney General. As the nations’ most senior law enforcement official, you have a big job ahead of

Q & A with Alex Halperin of WeedWeek

HelloMD had the chance to speak to Alex Halperin, a top cannabis journalist and the founder of the popular weekly online newsletter WeedWeek. Alex has

The DEA Drops the Ball

The DEA announced this week that marijuana will continue to remain illegal for any purpose. After considering rescheduling marijuana from its current position as a

The History of Marijuana Propaganda

The history of marijuana propaganda follows an interesting trajectory, from moral outrage to a seemingly objective and measured scientific censure. In the arguments, certain themes

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