What’s good for muscle diabetes

"Any lotions " Hi there! There is a significant amount of research showing that Sativex — an oromucosal spray with 1CBD:1THC — effectively reduces neuropathic

Top Cannabis Strains for Diabetes?

"THCV Cannabis Strains Show Promising Results for Diabetics. " Doug’s Varin strain has high THCV, which is thought to lower blood sugar levels and improve

is CBD oil good for Type 2 diabetes?

Hello and thank you for the great question, Diabetes is associated with high levels of fasting insulin and insulin resistance, as well as low levels

Qualifications for MM Card

"I suffer from shoulder pain/back pain; anxiety/panic attacks and hand tremors (Essential Tremors). I reside in NY state. Would any of these qualify me for

What can I take to help with diabetes?

Low carbohydrate/sugar diet and exercise as tolerated is best. If you are taking diabetic medication do it as perscribed by your health care provider prescribes

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