Is This the Perfect Marijuana Edible?

I don’t usually like marijuana edibles. Too sweet, too sticky, too large, poorly packaged, too slow to come on and unpredictable with their effect. Lately

Cannabis Tourism: Your 420 Holiday

Cannabis Tourism is Hot Cannabis tourism is one of the newest phenomenons in the marijuana industry. It can range from vineyard like tours of cannabis

Dosing Cannabis Edibles Safely

Jaene has been in the medical cannabis industry for years, and is currently a cannabis consultant at Oakland’s Harborside Health Center. She also teaches iRest

HelloMD Live – May 4th 2016

This week we launched ‘HelloMD Live’, our cannabis news show that covers the week’s cannabis new, culture and various curiosities. Pamela Hadfield, HelloMD’s Co Founder

What Is It About Mangoes and Marijuana?

The number of ways to incorporate medical marijuana into your daily medical regimen is almost as vast as the number of conditions cannabis can beneficially

Recipe: Vegetable Glycerine Tincture

Are you struggling for an effective way to add medical marijuana to a daily regimen? Although cannabis can be a great way of treating chronic

Marijuana Rice Krispie Treats: Recipe

Anyone looking for another way to ingest medical marijuana should give marijuana Rice Krispies treats a try. They make a great alternative to marijuana brownies

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