Industry Spotlight

Strovia Cannabis Lozenge Review

Why a Cannabis Lozenge? I talk to a lot of people regarding their cannabis usage and one thing that comes up over and over again

Is This the Perfect Marijuana Edible?

I don’t usually like marijuana edibles. Too sweet, too sticky, too large, poorly packaged, too slow to come on and unpredictable with their effect. Lately

Accurate Dosing with CBD & THC

Creating a Desired Outcome For years we’ve been conditioned to buy health and wellness products based on a desired outcome. We know ahead of time

How I Stopped My Phantom Limb Pain

HelloMD spoke with Charles Rutherford of Boveda. Boveda leads the industry in humidity regulation technology and allows both producers and patients alike to preserve the

Puffco Plus Vape Pen Review

Vaporizing Meets Dabbing. Finally. A vaporizer pen can be a great alternative to smoking cannabis. Not only is it hassle free and discreet, but you

Firefly 2 – Unboxing and Review

One of the great things about being in the cannabis industry, is getting to try out some of the coolest gadgets and products in this

Heal Your Body with Food & Cannabis

MoonMan’s Mistress is an award-winning, artisanal paleo-centric edible company committed to taste worthy products that are also healthy for the body. This week Liz Rudner,

Bloom Farms CBD Cartridge Review

Much has been written about the magical effect of CBD for a variety of medical conditions. Its wide ranging medical benefits include decreasing nausea, controlling

Foria on the HelloMD Set

This morning we were excited to have Foria’s Founder Mathew Gerson and the Foria team on the HelloMD set for filming. Today marks the launch

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