Addiction question

"My husband and I are trying a CBD/THC tincture 20 to 1 for pain management. We each started with five drops a day as recommended

CBD cannabis oil and sore throat

"I began using CBD oil about a month ago and feel great overall. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in various areas: better sleep, fewer headaches,

what is best for severe insomnia?

"I have gotten other CBD but I relied on the drivers and have no idea what I got..please help." The answer depends on whether you

Sleeeeep please!

"Once you fall asleep how many hours rest do you get? I am taking a prescription med & I don’t sleep more than a few

4 Ways You Can Use CBD to Beat Insomnia

Sleep is hard. Just ask the 50–70 million American adults struggling with insomnia. And for those millions of Americans, there’s a $28 billion sleep market

cbd use for chemo patients

"My brother has a form of Luekemia and is on his 8th round of Chemo. He is exhausted and can’t sleep. He lives in NY,

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