Jaydens Juice


How many drops and how often would you use Jayden's Juice to combat chemotherapy?

The use of cannabis with chemotherapy for cancer is very individual and you will have to experiment to see what helps you. The box from …


What is Jayden's Juice?

"I hear a lot about it, but I don’t know what it is." Jayden’s Juice is not a juice but it is a non-alcoholic tincture …


Can I vape CBD oil? If I have a bottle of Jayden's Juice tincture?

No, Jayden’s Juice is an oral preparation and should not be smoked unless you have contacted them at their website to find out their opinion …


Charlotte's Web Good As Jayden's Juice?

"Today the Doctor recommended to me to take something like Jayden’s Juice for my Anxiety/Depression/Agorphobia. I have been on different CBD oil and stared on …


Jayden's Juice or similar

"My recommendation was for Jayden’s Juice, but it’s not available in Huntington Beach. Is there something else like it that I might be able to …

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