Why CBD May Help Relieve Lupus Symptoms

At least five million people in the world—including more than one million Americans—suffer from some form of lupus. Lupus is a complex autoimmune disorder in

How can i get a medical card for lupus?

Hello, As an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator and analgesic, cannabis should help alleviate the pain of SLE. Cannabis should also help relieve other symptoms related to SLE,

Which CBD oil is best for lupus?

"How much and how often should I use it?" I would recommend a CBD:THC ratio of 20:1 twice daily every day for Lupus or any

Combatting Lupus with Cannabis

The Lupus Foundation of America supports further research into medical marijuana use for Lupus symptoms. Lupus is caused by a hyperactive immune system that leads

How can THC help or cure Lupus?

"I’ve had discoid Lupus for over 20 years, recently I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain." Cannabis is very helpful for lupus, especially in

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