Importance of Male Cannabis Plants

In the world of cannabis cultivation, there’s no such thing as gender equality. Female cannabis plants are prized for their abundant, psychoactive flower, and feminized seeds

How do Make A Marijuana Face Mask?

" Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory, a pain reliever and needs to be in your next DIY face mask. Tons of beauty products in the market

Does Hemp seed oil contain CBD?

The overall cannabinoid content in industrial hemp is very low and is not a bountiful source of cannabidiol compared to CBD-rich cannabis (which Project CBD

Where can i buy seeds?

Usually a local dispensary will carry seeds but not all of them carry the seeds. You can purchase seat online but there’s always a chance

How is this extracted from hemp?

"What extraction process/method is used to extract the CBD from hemp? Glad to see you only use medicinal grade hemp, however, it’s still against federal

Are Hemp Seeds a Superfood?

Although there’s no official scientific definition of the term, superfood, it’s commonly used as a descriptor for any nutrient-rich whole food that may provide unique

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