Verte Essentials


Gift Guide: 7 Products for Those New to Hemp CBD

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a few folks in your life? Well, lucky for you, cannabidiol—better known as CBD—is having a moment. This …

Acid Reflux

5 CBD Products to Help You Fight the Cold or Flu

Cold and flu season is here. And while we all chug gallons of Emergen-C and echinacea tea in hopes that we won’t get sick, usually …


Top 5 Cannabis Strains and Products for Her Sexual Pleasure

You may have heard about cannabis helping with insomnia, chronic pain and seizures—but marijuana for women’s sexual pleasure? The research shows that cannabis can make …


6 Cannabis Strains & Products to Help You Relax

Looking to melt away your stress and anxiety with cannabis? You aren’t alone. Relaxation is one of the most common reasons people take cannabis, both …


5 Products That’ll Change Your Mind About Hemp-Derived CBD

Why should you try cannabidiol (CBD) that comes from hemp? Well, we know that CBD has a variety of healing properties. And it can be …


Beauty Inside & Out: Verte Essentials Hemp Botanicals

Designed to create beauty on the inside as well as the outside, Verte Essentials is the brainchild of Blair Lauren Brown, who’s also the founder …

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