5 Awesome Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

There are customary “dad” gifts that end up being the go-to for Father’s Day. You know what they are—ties, socks, mugs, maybe a tool belt or a baseball cap. But times they are a-changing, and, while there’s nothing wrong with those more traditional presents, dads are getting new hobbies and trying new things all the time (they’re honestly cooler than ever). So with that in mind, we’ve rounded up a handful of awesome gifts for Dad this Father’s Day that are sure to be a hit.

Houseplant Accessory Package

Seth Rogen and partner Laura Miller have been vocal about not having kids, but you could argue that Rogen’s Houseplant line is his baby. The weed accessory company sells everything from high-end ashtrays that look like pieces of art (some of them are even made by Rogen himself, who took up pottery in 2017!) to a strain-specific boxed set of records and more. We love this bright accessory pack that comes with a flip-top lighter, rolling papers and a set of 10 colorful matchboxes. $78,

7-Piece Wood Smoked BBQ Grilling Kit

If one of the dads in your life considers themselves a grillmaster, this is the gift you need. This gift set from the Cooking Gift Set Co. includes a stainless steel smoker box; cherry, hickory and apple wood chips; a meat thermometer; smoked sea salt; and a grill scraper and bottle opener. Good luck prying them away from the BBQ after receiving this gift. $50,

Dad Grass 5-Pack of CDB Pre-Rolls

Yes, you read that right—these joints are rolled with CBD-only weed. Skeptical? Just read the reviews; so many people have reported that these joints mellow them out when they don’t want the full stoned experience. These five pretty .7G hemp joints come in fun packaging straight out of the ‘70s, too. Plus, the brand is called Dad Grass. We basically had to include them. $35,

Cupsy Water Pipe

If there’s anything dads need, it’s an unassuming way to consume weed (kids are nosy—so are other parents, neighbors, you name it). This might look like a regular ol’ coffee cup but it’s actually a high-performance cannabis bubbler system. It features an all-in-one design, topped with a silicone lid, and it even has a ceramic bowl inside for storing flower when not in use. $50,

Victrola 3-in-1 Bluetooth Record Players

For audiophiles who grew up on vinyl (or who have a learned appreciation for it!), it doesn’t get much better than putting on a record. This three-in-one, three-speed turntable is styled like it belongs in your parents’ living room in 1988, but despite its retro appearance, it is also Bluetooth-enabled and can also be tuned to FM radio. $80,


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